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Blackburn 0-2 Chelsea

Back on top. Nicolas Anelka with two goals – the second one, expertly taken. People can say what they like about him, but if he keeps banging in the goals like he is, then it is fine by me. I watched the game and although I am horrendously biased, Frank Lampard, in my opinion, is the complete midfielder. I try to explain to some of the players at Centurion Blues that by watching top class football week in, week out, and watching the players in your own position, you can pick up the things that professionals do which make them so great. Take Frank Lampard for example – watch the amount of times he looks around just before receiving the ball. This allows him to know exactly what he is going to do as soon as he has the ball at his feet. By doing so, he has great awareness and at any level of the game, it is highly beneficial – His 30yd free kick off the bar was phenomenal. In absolute terrible conditions there were good performances from Wayne Bridge & Obi Mikel. Deco has been a little quiet of late, so it was good to see him spraying the ball around nicely – Should of had a goal with a neat little chip that flashed past the far post.

Anyway, with Manure losing and both Chelsea and Liverpool stretching the gap to 8 points, you feel that Man Utd might just be giving themselves a exceptionally tough task of retaining the premiership. I still say that, although improved, Liverpool will not have the legs for the season. I say that with a huge amount of caution because just when I think they are dead and buried, they pull a rabbit out of the hat. They have also had their fair share of the luck that you need to challenge for the title – some say that you cannot win the league without it. I believe it also tends to have a snowball effect. The more that the press report that Liverpool are getting the 50/50 decisions (as well as the dubious ones) the more referees tend towards giving them decisions. I noticed this with Chelsea over the 2005 & 2006 seasons.

It is still a long way to go but we are now almost a third of the way through the season and going by the current form, the top two could be looking at 92 points + . What is interesting to note for me was that it was only the second game in the league where Liverpool have actually won by a margin of more than 1 goal. The other game was the 2-0 win at Everton. It looks like it may be a close season and if goal difference is to become a factor, then it would be a worry. It would also worry me if I were a fan, that Liverpool are not killing off teams. The defeat by Spurs is the classic case in point. A game that Liverpool should have wrapped up by half time and rested players. Instead the end up losing 3 points and undoing the work they did by beating Chelsea the previous week.

Anyway after the horror show in Rome, it was good to get back to winning ways. Blackburn look like a side that will be facing a relegation dog fight this year. They have not won a game in the last 7, in that run playing teams that face a similar future. Playing 4-5-1 when you are 2 down at home is not a good sign.

A couple of quick thoughts –
1) Hull losing 3 in a row now. Honeymoon period over?
2) 14 teams on negative goal difference.
3) 9 points between bottom and a Uefa Cup slot!
4) Celtic fans not observing the remembrance silence.

Just for a laugh, I thought I would post this video – Stevie G, upholder of footballing morals … enjoy.


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