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Christmas Run

I was checking out the fixtures for the run into Christmas and it got me thinking a bit. We seem to have an extra game on Man Utd and even if we do not do to well against Arsenal and Everton, We can still be in a commanding position come middle of Jan when we play them. From what I saw of Blackburn, I would expect them to push Liverpool hard at Ewood Park. Both teams cannot score and surely Liverpool have had their fair share of penalties and playing against 10 men this season?? I also do not think they will get much at the Emirates so I have put them down for a defeat there meaning they will get a haul of around 17 points. If Arsenal do well they have the chance to make up some of the gap – Heres what the table could look like:

Chelsea 20 48pts
Liverpool 20 46pts
Arsenal 20 45pts
Man Utd 18 41pts

This is all hypothetical and it would also suggest that we will lose another home game, which I am not sure of. Our home form has not been good this season, but I expect that to change now that the 86 game run is over, and that monkey is off our back. I would never rule out Man Utd from the title challenge, and although they may be a bit behind, they will have 2 games in hand. But if Chelsea do better than I suggest below and Manure do worse then I think it will be a bridge too far for them. Come 11th January, they will have to beat us to have any kind of hope of winning the premiership. Arsenal look too inconsistent for a serious title challenge to date, but they may be buoyed by the win against Man Utd the other week and could go on a good run as I have suggested. But then again, they could also go out and drop points anywhere along the way – Middlesboro, Villa, Portsmouth – all capable of surprises.

West Brom v Chelsea 3 points
Chelsea v Newcastle 3 points
Chelsea v Arsenal 0 points
Bolton v Chelsea 3 points
Chelsea v West Ham 3 points
Everton v Chelsea 1 point
Chelsea v West Brom 3 points
Fulham v Chelsea 3 points
19 points
2 week break
Man Utd v Chelsea

Man Utd
Stoke (Home) 3
Villa (Away) 3
Man City (Away) 3
Sunderland (Home) 3
Tottenham (Away) 1
Wigan (Home) – OFF (according to BBC)
Stoke (Away) 3
Middlesboro (Home) 3
20 points

Bolton (Away) 3 points
Fulham (Home) 3 points
West Ham (Home) 3 points
Blackburn (Away) 1 point
Hull (Home) 1 point
Arsenal (Away) 0 points
Bolton (Home) 3 points
Newcastle (Away) 3 points
17 points

Villa (Home) 3 points
Man City (Away) 3 points
Chelsea (Away) 3 points
Wigan (Home) 3 points
Middlesboro (Away) 3 points
Liverpool (Home) 3 points
Villa (Away) 1 point
Portsmouth (Home) 3 points
22 points


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