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Caelum’s Birthday

What a wild weekend! Approximately 50-60 people turned up for Caelum’s birthday party on Saturday. Amazingly the party went well, with there being enough food and drink for all. Anelda worked like a slave as did her mum and dad.

It was a great success and we are so glad so many people could make it. This birthday was a little bit special for us. We were not only celebrating Caelum’s birthday, but also that he has made such a miraculous recovery over the last 7 months.

It is amazing to think that 7 months ago we were wondering if we would ever see this day and here we are – watching him run and play like a normal child again. His determination to keep on going and not give up is a real inspiration.

The theme of the party was thomas the tank engine. It would be hard to think of anything else af the moment as Thomas is his favourite thing in the world just now.

Nanna sent all the party decorations and table stuff from the U.K. And as you can see from my facebook page, and the photos below, they looked great.

He was very spoiled on Saturday and has enough toys to last him years. He also received a bit if money so we are now going to open a savings account for him. I think he now has about R2500! about time he bought his old man a drink!


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