Life, Football, Technology and Vespas…

New Year.

2008 was a toilet. I am glad to see the back of it. 2009 with any luck, cannot be any worse. So here is to forward thinking.

Some changes are happening as I type this. Chelsea’s season seems to be well and truly going south. 3-0 reverse against Man Utd and only 3 wins in last 11 games indicates problems. I am not really too fussed about that though. Bigger fish to fry.

It looks in all likelihood that we will be off to Nigeria in the not too distant future. With a recession around the corner, it seems that this might be a good time to chuck a few coins in the bank. Visa applications have been handed in. Flights and hotels booked. Visit to look and decide at the end of the month. I heard that Lagos is really a gem of place. A little paradise island tucked away in the small corner of the planet!

If we go I am really going to miss my football. This season with Centurion Blues was, for me, going to be a great season. I will have to put that on hold for a while and see if I can still run in 3 years time!

We all had a great holiday this festive season. Christmas was spent with at the outlaws and after we spent 8 days or so in Gourits by Mossel Bay. Lovely little corner of the world that reminds me of Scotland. Anelda’s uncle and auntie have a great place down there that they were all too kind to share. We were able to spend some time on the beach and do some fishing.

The Ray.

The Ray.

This is the biggest fish I have ever caught. Funny thing was it had just started to rain and I was putting up the sail when my reel  went screaming!! You can see the nick that was taken out of him with the gaffe. Unfortunately when Andre tried to gaffe him it did that. We then released him after taking pictures estimating that he weighed 20-25 kgs.

One other thing – two colleagues and I were fortunate enought to attend some training in San Francisco last month. That will deserve a post of it’s own.


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