Life, Football, Technology and Vespas…

Bags Are Packed (almost!)

This time on Sunday I will be in Lagos. Seemingly the journey from the airport to the Hotel is one of note. I will definitely be taking a video of that journey. I am both nervous and excited by this assignment. Lagos is not eveyone’s idea of fun, but like everything, you must make the best of it. I am sure that there will be enough there to keep us occupied and entertained.

For some reason it is increadibly difficult to find information about living in Nigeria. I am told that there are a large number of ex-patriates living there, but no one seems to be maintaining a blog or info site, so I will try to do so with this blog.

We will not be going with Caelum for our – ‘look-see’ visit. It will be too much for him. He still has to get innoculated against all the tropical lurgies. So he will be staying here in the relative safety of Centurion!

Some youtube searches pulls up some extremely interesting information about Lagos. This video for example – 2 million people worshipping! Insane.

The fishing might not be that better either –


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