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419 is just a game…

Ok – I have a renewed interest in 419 scams now that I could be going to Nigeria. Here is one I received today :


I am Sir Richard Collins,an international business man.And also a private
money lender, i give soft loans with a 3% interest rate to interested
I give out loans to the following category of people:
1. Students.
2.People with bad credit.
3.People who intend to establish businesses.
4.People who have been hit by bankruptcy.

If you are interested, you can contact me via my e-mail address(
We will be glad to do business with you.

Sir. Richard Collins
Chief Executive Officer,
Richcollins Loans International!!!

I think not mr Richard Collins (Sir) or is it Ngo Van Theon ? This scam looks like it has come from Vietnam, but it is Nigerian in it’s nature.

Back from Lagos yesterday. What an adventure! Wild, Wild city! I was surprised to tell the honest truth. It was not as bad as everyone makes out. My viewpoint will probably change after being there for a year or two. Here are some pics that I took – judge for yourself.

View from the hotel

View from the hotel


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