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It looks like it will be the end of next week at the very least before there is an offer to work for Multilinks. I am starting to wonder what the ‘look & see’ visit was actually for and whether it was necessary. If a company wants you to work abroad they should have a good idea about hiring you before sending you on an expensive exploratory mission. Anyway, lets hope that it is sooner than next Friday…

I am in the process of upgrading some servers to the latest version of RedHat Enterprise Linux – 5.3. If anyone is thinking on embarking upon this journey – I have some words of advice for you.

If you are using Clustering or more specifically clustered volumes then you will find the upgrade a little challenging. The lvm2 package from RHEL5.3 conflicts with the lvm2-cluster package from the cluster channel for RHEL5.3. Great. What you need to do is manually download lvm2-cluster and install it manually. Yum does not have the ability to work out package conflicts.

Another piece of advice would be to wait. No packages seem to be available at the moment apart from 3 or 4 and as a result this caused me no end of trouble when I was trying to get my guest OS to inherit the same channels as my host. I eventually also installed the rhn-virtualization-common and rhn-virtualization-host packages manually. Then my life was easier. Had the packages been available after adding the virtualization-platfom channel in RHN – I would have saved hours of hassles.

Another frustration – Zimbra… WHY DOES IT CONTINUE TO BACKUP??? I have turned of backups and it continues to fail me. I have removed the cronjob from the zimbra user’s crontab as well – yet it still continues to backup. The filesystem then becomes full, there is no way that the data can be written to disk so you eventually have the situation where the mail meta data is in the DB, but there is no data on the data store, leading to the famous – missing blobs problem. I will prowl the forums now to see what gives.

Throw in the canteen’s inability to order something as complicated as bread and that the number 5 button on the vending machine suspiciously looks like a 6 and what you have is bad day at the office all round. Glad it is over and now I can start looking forward to Friday.


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