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Scolari Gone…

At the time of writing this the manager of Chelsea has been relieved of his position. Chelsea never really recovered from the defeat by Liverpool at Stamford Bridge earlier in the season and it has all snowballed from there on in. Once teams had worked out that stop the full backs… stop Chelsea, those tactics worked every time – the writing was on the wall. Some of the players have to take the blame for their tepid performances. Drogba has been particularly poor this season. Not just his form, but also his attitude. Scolari should have grown some balls and got rid of him in the transfer window. I suspect though that there were not many takers! Deco, Alex, Malouda, Ballack and Kalou just have not cut the mustard this season and have really let us down. So now we are slowly turning into Newcastle. 3 managers in a year and a half… Not good.

A nasty tackle at the weekend resulted in me going to get a scan on my left leg. Caught high and late by ‘Big Rab’ which has left me nursing a messed up left leg. Fortunately it is not broken – just some tissue damage. To top it off, I never even got a free kick! Nightmare.


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