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Need a new Mac …

At this time when the world is going through an economic meltdown, why would anyone be thinking of spending top,top money on a laptop computer?  Especially if they already have one!

That is exactly what I am doing! I have never bought myself a computer – ever! I have always built machines out of parts I could find /steal – or I have always been given a machine from my place of employment – just as it is now. My current employer has been fantastic to supply me with a 15inch macbook pro (older model) and it has been my most prized possession over the last 18 months or so.

Now that it looks certain that I will be leaving TI to join Multilinks (also part of Telkom), people are already laying their beady eyes on my notebook. It is fair to say that it feels like the vultures are swarming! Therefore, I need a new laptop.

Multilinks will be supplying me with their bog standard HP laptop (hopefully I can get 8Gb or RAM stuffed in it) – which will be fine for running my linux virtual machines – but I NEED a mac. So I am looking at none other than the mac book pro 17″

Thats right.. 17″! Go big or go home. Thinnest & lightest 17″ notebook. 1920×1200 resolution. 2xGPU, tremendous battery life, output to dual DVI… I need it.

R32000 + … will need to do some serious motivating to the minister of finance! But if you think about it – I use a computer on average 10 hours a day for work and pleasure. So it is not that hard to justify – to myself anyway!


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