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Nuvo Restaurant, Pretoria

Thought as it was my wife and I’s anniversary, we should go out for something nice to eat. The problem with Pretoria is that often the choice leaves a lot to be desired. Suppose I had better enjoy it while I am still here and not in Lagos!

We found a restaurant in Faerie Glen called ‘Nuvo Restaurant’. It is just off Hans Strydom, just past Atterbury and I have to say that we were delighted to find it.

The restaurant implements an interesting blend of traditional South African cuisine, infused with flavours typically found in the far flung regions of Thailand.

We chose the Springbok Carpaccio & the Chicken Liver Pate for starters. It has to be said that the Springbok was fresh, succulent and full of flavour. The fusion of the white balsamic vinegar, parmesan and sweet fig confyt with the delicate meat was truly delightful.

The homemade Pate was no slouch either. A rich, creamy pate with a soft, deep flavour was, in my opinion, one of the best pates that I have tried. Also a very interesting concept was to serve the pate with a tot of sherry. Anything that is served with booze, has to be good in my opinion.

The ambience in the restaurant was relaxing and comfortable. The music was delicate and we were even entertained with live music in the way of the in house pianist.

Our main meals – Special Cheese Stuffed Fillet & Rosemary Crusted fillet were good, but not as good as the starters. Out of the two the Rosemary fillet offered the best blend of flavours. It was very delicate and subtle whereas with the cheese stuffed fillet,the filling and topping was too over powering and disguised the flavour of the beef.

The specials board offered an interesting variety which makes it difficult to chose a meal. This in my opinion is great start. The service was relaxed, but professional and with the Nuvo, the tip is included in the bill. I have no problem with this, especially if the service is as good as it was in the Nuvo.

A good sign to me is usually the length of time I spend in the restaurant. On Friday, we were there for over two hours, enjoying our meal, indicating that we were enjoying the meal and the evening as a whole.

The wine selection was good but not great – we opted for the Allesverloren Shiraz, which is a decent, easy drinking wine. Just to note that there were no recommendations from the waiter or management as to which wine would be best suitable for our meal.

The cognac at the end of the meal rounded everything off nicely, and it surely not going to be too long before we return.


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