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MacBook Pro 15inch

Very happy, but on one hand a little disappointed. The istore had an offer where you got the 15inch macbook pro, a 24inch LCD cinema display and a mighty mouse and keyboard for R34000. Now I was initially looking at a 17 inch macbook pro, but it is rather bulky so that was why I thought about the above deal.

My wife has a white macbook that she is very happy with and has no intention of upgrading yet, so the plan was that she could use the screen as well when I am not. However, her macbook has a mini-DVI connector where as the new macbook and macbook pros have the mini-display adaptor.

You can get a mini-display adaptor -> DVI, but you cannot get a mini-DVI-> display-adaptor as is needed for her laptop. I got the pitch from the istore that ‘maybe they will bring and adaptor out in future…’ No good.

So Apple, you just lost the sale of a 24inch LCD cinema display. This is a bit of a joke really. If you shop around, you will easily find much cheaper 24″ LCD displays capable of 1920×1200. Granted they do not have built in webcams, but webcams are cheap! 

On the good side…. I have used the previous macbook pro for the last 2 years or so and I have mostly enjoyed it. The downsides were:

  • Metal Bevel around screen
  • Magnetic push button release to open lid
  • Crap Keyboard
  • Small HDD

The new unibody macbook has replaced all of the above which has made it a great laptop. The improved specs (CPU, RAM, HDD) are obviously a major improvement, making the old pro look like a bit of a snail.

Heres what I found out though which was probably the most interesting and unexpected aspect – the manual has instructions on how to upgrade the hardware on the mac! It gives you precise instructions on how to upgrade RAM, HDD and how to replace to the battery.

Anyway – So far, here are some of the things I did first – 

  • Change the open links in new tabs in safari: 

defaults write TargetedClicksCreateTabs -bool true

  • Change right mouse click to operate as secondary click
  • Changed tracking speed and keyboard repeat rate
  • Installed Skype (Beta)
  • Installed google video chat – Gmail voice and video chat
  • Installed iTerm – Iterm Download
  • TunnelBlick OpenVPN Client – TunnelBlick
  • Installed Adobe LightRoom
  • Installed VMWare Fusion
  • Installed iWork & iLife ’09
  • Installed Office 2008
  • Installed VLC

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