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After the the enjoyable experience at the Panda Express chinese take-away in San Francisco, I just had to try the new Chinese Restaurant in Centurion that opened just recently simply because it is called – Panda House.

I have spent the best part of five years since moving here from London to find a good chinese take-away restaurant and have had no success. The local adaptations in my opinion, have not been good.

So here we were today at lunchtime, testing out yet another take-away restaurant, but only this time, it had the word Panda in the name. Good start.

I ordered the Crispy Chicken. It was a favourite dish of mine in the UK. It consists of strips of chicken that are lightly battered and fried and are then stir fried with a hot, sweet sauce. The chicken should be crispy on the outside and tender on the bite and the sauce should have a nice zest to it, but not too much to overpower the sweet ingredients. Most of all, it should have a little chili kick and be served with strips of carrots and sesame seeds.

The dish was exactly as I have just described. I have finally found the best chinese restaurant in Centurion – no, South Africa for that matter!

The menu is entertaining. If you fancy some jelly fish salad, get yourself down there and lap some up!

Next week I will try the crispy duck and pancakes for 2. It is not on the take-away menu, but it is on the restaurant menu for R188. Well worth trying I think.

The irony is that I may be leaving in 2 weeks to go to Nigeria and I am trying to maintain my diet to lose a further 5kg!

Anyway – on one of the corners on Jean Avenue – next to KFC. Well worth it!


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