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Redhat Desktop

I use Redhat a lot. It is my operating system of choice for all of my server requirements, I would most definitely use it as a desktop – if it were any good. Redhat’s refusal to adopt a desktop strategy is as confusing as it is annoying.

This article details Redhat’s CEO, Jim Whitehurst, and some other unix biggots blethering on about how there is no money in the desktop market.

The more and more I use my Mac and OSX, the more and more I wonder why Redhat has not adopted an approach to deliver a desktop that can work on a set of dedicated hardware.

Why would there be no money in it? They would still be able to offer subscription based services for updates as they do for their server model – as well as making a few bucks in selling hardware. They would then be able to cross sell some of their partners’ products to provide mail and collaboration storage – also quite possibly online storage and backup as well.

You offer me a decent spec’d laptop that runs linux (properly) that works out the box, then I am interested. You package it all together with the desktop applications that I and most others need and use – then I’m there. Throw in some funky server management tools for RHEL for my desktop and well, I may just start throwing down rose petals in front of you when you walk!

I dare say that I would not be the only one.


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