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Stupid Emails

I have decided to add to here every time I receive a dumb email. Not virals, but emails where someone has actually taken the time and effort to type out, and then send to all and sundry. Better still are the ones sent from people in authority like the one below:


It’s a go for 10.00 on Friday 13 March @ 10.00 SA time;

You will notice it will just be us 2; I want this to be more of a business than technology discussion;


BUT: We will be waiting with big guns following the migration;

I believe John was a double-edged sword as well …..

Regards … 

wtf? In a nutshell, the mail is a short discussion about a teleconference call and John was not the real name used. But, how do you wait with big guns? And how do you become a double-edged sword?

Points and beer go out to anyone who can decipher the above.


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