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Democratic Alliance

Being a non SA citizen, I am prevented from voting in the upcoming elections on the 22nd April.  If I were to vote, it would be for the Democratic Alliance. The DA seem to be the only opposition party that is willing to stand up the rot that is the ANC.

For all the noise and hubbub that COPE have been trying to create since their split from the ANC – what are they actually doing to hold the ruling party accountable for the decay that they are bestowing upon the country? Are they just a crowd of disaffected ANC members who saw that under the new leadership of the ANC, they would not have such a cosy lifestyle as they previously enjoyed?

The DA on the other hand are taking the fight to the ANC. The charges being placed against Zuma’s lawers are just one example of at least somebody not wanting to let the crook, Jacob Zuma, get off the hook easily.

However, constant and continuous pressure is needed from all fronts not just the DA. This is where COPE and all other parties are failing. They are putting no pressure on the government at all. I also doubt that they have the capabilities or the backing power to do so either. This is why, for me, the only real option is to back the DA and help them stand up against corruption, inequality and toxic governance.

If you have not already done so – get involved, starting by going to the DA’s website and see what it is that they stand for. A DA government would enhance the lives of all South Africans and here residents and would make South Africa a better place to live.

Time Magazine article on the problems of revolutionaries obtaining power and how they (mis)manage it afterwards – Using South Africa as a case in point.


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