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Ocean Basket Win, ANC fail.

It is just worth a quick mention: Can there be any other restaurant in South Africa that is better value for money? It never ceases to amaze me that standards in quality and service that we  always get from  ocean basket. The closest restaurant  to us is the one of the  Irene village mall, and it  has never failed us.

We stick to the favourites – prawns, calamari and Kingklip and are never disappointed. For the three of us, it is usually only ever around 300 Rand. Can’t argue with that.

ANC Fail

I’ve said before that you must be careful of who you vote for, you may just have them forever! Some more worrying signals coming from the idiot that be  Zuma, and  where he intends fail for us all.

It will be a serious worry if this clown manages to win a two thirds majority. His rant last week rattled off something along the lines of judges should not be independent and that they should answer the government. If there’s one statement that should make you  very afraid of a Zuma led government, then that is the one. Just another step that the ANC are taking to ensure that the top level members of the ANC and government are increasingly free to steal the country’s resources at the expense of the masses of the poor  citizens who put them in power in the first place.

Their two thirds majority has already successfully disbanded the elite crime and anticorruption unit, The Scorpions, ensuring that no further investigations will be made to top ANC and government officials. Their abuse of power has seen the firing of Vusi Pikol,  the head of the National prosecuting authority,  on no other basis than he was too good for his job.

The ANC  also want to completely remove all power from the local municipalities simply because they cannot control them.  Municipalities in the Western Cape, for example, have been governed and managed by DA successfully for some time now, to the annoyance of the ANC They would like to limit the abilities of locally elected government, thus undermining the will of the electorate.

These are just a few examples of the typical actions that are taken by African governments who have spent all their time trying to obtain power, from either colonial powers or minority rule, now that they are in government. Protect themselves and  the power they now have at all costs, almost always sacrificing the civil liberties of the very people who put them there in the first place. The actions of limiting the press, reducing the ability to expose corruption and suppressing the democratic right of the citizens of the country are the tell tale markings of a country heading towards a failed state.

South Africa on the other hand has the ability to prevent this from happening. South Africans do not have to stand by and watch it happen. The 22nd of April 2009 is the day on which they can do it. And not by only not voting ANC, by standing together behind one party that actually has the ability and the will to stand up and defend the Constitution of this country. Wasting votes on parties who say they represent their members, when in truth they turn a blind eye or often side with the ANC on toxic policies, thus cheating their members.

I also think it’s disgusting that the ANC,  under the guise of social workers, can use taxpayers money to hand out food parcels as a reward for voting ANC. Promising the poor and the hungry that the winning party will look after them after the election. Read more here.

The DA is the only realistic alternative to the ANC. The DA has the ability and the resources to stand up for our constitution and prevent the ANC from flushing this great country down the toilet.


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