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Only in the UK…

Britain is, and has been for quite a while now, slowly being turned into quite possibly the most pathetic nation on earth when it comes to political correctness. I have decided to highlight here some of the ludicrous things that happen in the UK, all in the name of either political correctness or saving the planet or some other kind of liberal hippy crap.

The UK has already introduced some gems like – cleaning your refuse before it is collected, or it will be left behind. Fining residents hundreds of pounds because they took their refuse bin out the evening before collection… These are just a few off the top of my head.

Here we have have BBC presenters being presented with the highly treacherous task of changing a car wheel. I mean, I know you can break a nail or … or … I actually cannot think of any of the other associated dangers in changing a wheel. Nevertheless, do you really need to have your staff complete risk assessment forms and have an ambulance with not one, but TWO members of staff on standby, five metres away from you while you erm… jack up the car… ?

Totally nuts. What brain dead, faceless pencil pusher thought up this bronze droplet of wisdom?


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