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ANC “Debate” on twitter

Some ANC crony turned up on twitter this afternoon with the intention of having a debate. Fail. What happened was that ANC hymn sheet was just blurted out over and over again using repetitive statements like –

Mobilise the People

What the hell does that mean? No questions of any relevance to the people that actually pay taxes were answered from what I can tell. Here are some that she avoided completely:

How are you going to ensure that BEE helps the poor and not the rich getting richer?

Why are the fraudster travelgate employees still in government?

What will the ANC be doing about the Education system? We have Grade 8’s who can’t even read or write…

How do we trust a prty which puts convicted criminals in parliament, regardless of the offence?

Then we have the ANC coming up with crackers of statements:

ANC_DebateWe cannot tolerate corrupt officials. But need to strengthen anti-corruption measures. Need to involve public in detecting corruption.

I suppose by disbanding the unit that was setup to do such a task is the best way of implementing this policy. I suppose what you mean by corrupt is – If you are actually caught.

The ANC really know how to put both feet in their mouth – Here is the ANC spokesperson on the definition of a good leader:

ANC_DebateA: Someone who is prepared to be led, who is accountable. Who is prepared to take difficult decisions and to serve selflessly.

Accountable as in – dodging court, pressurising the NPA. Politicising the judicial system so that all is equal before the law – but some are more equal than others?

Some responses have been gems as well. 

So someone is prepared to be led.(nice one I get the subtle irony) We suspected JZ was a puppet and the devil was the puppeteer.

Ok – maybe the devil statement is a bit harsh. I would not want to wish that upon anyone. No one deserves the job of lifting Zuma’s fat ass up with little more than string and no earth moving device involved.

General consensus was that the debate failed. The idea was good, but there needs to be more actual debate… This post summed it up:

ChelleReedI enjoyed watching @ANC_Debate‘s dance. 1 step forward. 1 step back. Sidestep some issues. Will be interesting to see if they followup…

Indeed it will Chelle…


One response

  1. Mzala

    Whoever was on twitter claimed to be ANC’s Jessie Duarte. I really hope it was not her, nothing was really answered to my satisfaction.

    Q : trevanaheartsiv @ANC_Debate could you point out 2 key policies that the ANC administration would champion

    A: 1. Creating decent work in a growing economy. 2. Ensuring access for all to quality education.

    Those statements will not solve anything….the issue wil be how do you create the decent work ? especially now that the economy is shrinking. What kind of decent work is going to be created!


    April 17, 2009 at 2:03 pm

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