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Goodbye IE … ?

Firefox gobbling IE

Firefox gobbling IE

According to the latest web metrics stats from Net Applications, Firefox continues to make significant gains on IE. Firefox now enjoys over 23% of the browser market share. That is a significant portion of the market and it shows that people are becoming more aware of their options. Over the next 3 years the browser will by far and away become the most significant application on the computer – if it is not the case already. Safari kept their share steady at 4.1% but to be honest, I cannot see windows users opting for Safari so it is unlikely that that number will significantly grow. It is suspected that within 11 months time it will be surpassed by Google’s Chrome browser, which already has almost 3% of the market share. It will be interesting to see how these figures change in two months when the EU’s ruling – forcing Windows to offer the top 5 browsers as the default browser – comes into play…


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