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Arsenal’s moral high ground is a joke



Arsenal are incensed at the decision to ban Eduardo for the diving incident against Celtic last week. The basis of their fury is that UEFA should be now trawling through the thousands of hours of football every week to implement Article 10 (1c) which was introduced back in 2006. Only one player, Lithuania international Saulius Mikoliunas, has been charged with breaching the said rule and now Eduardo is the second.

The rule basically states that a player acted with the ‘obvious’ intent to deceive the officials, whether that is by acting in a manner which makes the official produce an incorrect decision or by supporting his error of judgement.

I feel that it is the second part of the rule where the charge against Eduardo comes in. I agree that any player that has had such an horrific injury, such as Eduardo had last year, is intitled to get his body out of the way of players flying into him, even if that means going to ground – that’s just instinct. It could also be argued that this is what his intentions were – as stated by Arsene Wenger.

Arsenal’s 19 page dossier trying to prove and disprove many points of their’s and UEFA’s arguments sound extremely flat when they are not consistent. One one hand you have Arsene informing us that some players dive to avoid challenges or injury. And on the other, Arsenal are claiming that there was a deviation of his ankle – which now makes me confused. Are Arsenal saying that he was trying to get out of the way, or are they saying he was touched by the keeper? TV replays show without any doubt that he went to ground on his own accord – and that is still fine by me if he is trying to avoid contact from the keeper.

What I am not convinced about is why did he not then get up and inform the ref that he was dodging the keeper’s challenge? By high fiving his team mates and looking generally pleased with himself at winning a penalty, he “continued to support the referee’s error of judgement” and in my opinion, those actions are worthy of the charge.

By all means Arsene & Arsenal – preach about the (failing) morality of the game – it’s good that someone is trying to uphold it. But for crying out loud, stop embarrassing yourself and your club by continuing to support Eduardo’s actions when it is clear he has deceived the officials either by diving or by supporting the penalty decision.


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