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Today I had the misfortune of reading this drivel by Farhad Manooj. It is no secret that I am not a fan of the other OS. Those who use it – good for them. What works for one may not work for the other. This I clearly understand and I generally try to avoid the ‘who’s got the biggest ‘ arguments. However, Mr Manooj’s article is hopelessly flawed and sounds like someone who is screaming out all the right notes to either please his boss or sponsor. If anyone bumps into him, please do him a favour and wipe that brown stain off his nose.

‘Get Windows 7’ is the title of his article. First failure. Why must I go and get it? How much does it cost? Is it worth it if XP has been doing a good job for me? Is it another vista? Which version is right for me? There are no answers to these questions… just get it.

He warns you not to listen to people who claim the new OS to be ‘perfect’ – This is good advice. I will offer one further piece of advice : Ignore Mr Manooj’s (and anyone else’s) claim that it is the best OS on the market.

He then rattles on for next 422 words on how great it is, how it’s not only the best OS but how it is so impressive, so intuitive, so fast, better than snow leopard in several important ways! (but without ever mentioning what those important ways are). He then actually goes back on himself later in his post and say that the new OS and OS X are roughly equal. The funniest point he makes at this point in his article is that it ‘pretty much’ never crashes. Sorry, should that be a selling point? And hold on… what does ‘pretty much never’ mean?

Firstly, Mr Manooj’s supporting arguments looks like it might have been minimized to one page to keep in line with his intended audience’s attention span – but here are his highlights:

His favourite thing about the new OS is how it helps him navigate his overcrowded screen. He does not actually say how it helps him do this, just that it does it. Does it use the sun and the stars? Maybe it relays to him his longitude and latitude at regular intervals? Who knows? Maybe if his desktop was not by default taken up by an enormous clock and other useless junk, it would be less cluttered! He mentions how the new OS pulls ahead of OS X – again without actually saying how. Once more, this statement is totally undermined later in his article that the new OS and OSX are roughly equal now.

His salivating over the new ‘libraries’ feature is also amusing. No doubt, it is a nice feature – one that has been available in OS X for some time called smart folders. He does actually preempt the inevitable rebuff from Apple fan bois by saying that the new OS’s implementation is more intuitive. He argues that smart folders are not customizable enough. And here’s me wondering what all these options are when I create a new smart folder in OSX. By default, OSX does exactly what his libraries example does without having to customize anything.

Also, the task bar is better than the Mac OSX dock – ‘in amazing ways’ – according to Manooj. One amazing way he suggest is the ‘innovation’ called aero peek. Hmmm… now where have I seen that before? Oh yes. It looks suspiciously like a feature that has been in KDE4 for donkeys now. I suspect that he would not know what KDE4 is. And Mr Manooj – multiple firefox windows?? are you kidding me? Tabs dude… tabs. One of the key indicators I use for knowing at what level I must engage with someone, technically, l is by the number of browser windows they utilize. The higher the score, the slower I have to speak.

Jump lists are a new feature, true. But the new OS again was not the first. Right mouse click on the Mail icon in Snow Leopard and you are given options to compose a new message, get new mail or compose a note. Admittedly, there are not a lot of applications that have enabled this functionality so far, but as time goes on more applications will.

If the taskbar is that much better why do I not see anything like stacks in the ‘Taskbar’? so how Manooj gets to ‘pulls ahead’, I have no idea.

Overall, instead of giving some insight into the new OS that would actually be useful to consumers, he sounds like he is part of the well oiled machine that is the Redmond PR / Marketing department. Making plenty of statements but backing it up with no substance or context. He could of course be trolling to generate more hits to the site – Which in turn may generate more searches using the website’s ‘Bing’ search engine 😉

As I said before, he then goes and makes the claim that the new OS and OSX are now roughly level with each other and that with the new OS sufferers no longer need to look on with envy at Linux and OS X users. But I ask… are they really level now Mr Manooj?

Does the new OS have integrated exchange support out the box?  No. I am not even sure that there is a built in mail client.

Can the new OS offer a backup utility that is as intuitive as Time Machine out of the box? No.

Does the new OS offer a photo management application that has facial recognition and GPS tagging built in out of the box? No.

Anything like itunes out of the box? No.

The truth is, although redmond do not want anyone to say it, the new OS is nothing more than a service pack for vista with an amateur looking UI. Mr Manooj obliges them by using up column inches with his drivel about DNA comparisons between monkeys and humans. An effective smoke screen to this whole illusion. He further appeases the gods at Redmond by bleating that the new OS is on a par with OS X now and that it is full of innovation. He has the nerve to even suggest that the new OS is more intuitive – again without backing the statement up with any substance.

Mr Manooj, do a test of OS intuition for me – share a tethered 3g internet connection via a wireless LAN on the new OS and then try the same trick with OS X and THEN tell me which one was more intuitive.

On a final note – the new OS has Home, Premium, Business and Ultimate editions. Basically take an OS, keep removing features and at periodic intervals give it a version name. Stop when you are left with the skeleton of an OS that cannot encrypt file systems, join domains or even backup over the network – and then charge $120 for it.

The best on the market? I will have some of what it is you are taking please…



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