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Magic Mouse


Magic Mouse

Awesome. Being a sufferer of the previous (mighty) mouse, I have been waiting a long time for this device. The Magic Mouse is effectively an extension of the glass touchpads on the iphone, the new macbooks and macbook pros, to the mouse. The same glass surface has been ported to the mouse, giving the user a multi-touch interface in their hand.

Apple no doubt think that this will open new worlds for people, but quite frankly I can’t see it. People will continue to use a mouse as a traditional point and click device. Numerous mice have come and gone with millions of buttons and wheels, but basically 99% of people use the mouse for nothing more than point and click.

The magic mouse is not a revolutionary device. It is evolutionary. Apple realised (belatedly) that mechanical parts are useless. Things go wrong with them. The mutli-scroll wheel on the old mouse was forever sticking and frustrating the hell out of me. I even attempted an unsuccessful operation to open it up try and clean it.

So what is so good about this new mouse? And why should you shell out the cash for it? Maybe you are like me – I for one was so frustrated at the previous mouse that I was desperate for the new one. But that should not be the sole reason to buy one! The mouse I find, is ergonomically sound for general use. And as you would expect with any Apple product, it is slick in it’s design.

There is no scroll wheel with this mouse, but that is because the whole mouse is a scroll wheel! The surface, being touch sensitive, allows you to run your finger over the whole mouse and it will detect your motion as scrolling. This eliminates any problems as explained above. The mouse has one button but depending on where you click will activate whether you want right or left mouse click – depending on which hand is your preference.

Another nice feature is that although the mouse takes two batteries, they are not in series as most mice – but are actually in parallel. Meaning that you only need one battery in it for it to work!

Out of the box the multi touch features do not work – it does require that you have a connection to the internet to do a software update for it all to work. After the update is installed then all the multi touch features work.

One down point is that I do not like the fact that there is no ‘middle click’. This is a bit of a let down for me, but thankfully this is not a mechanical issue as the mouse can be programmed (in future) to accept something like two finger click for middle click.

I cannot see how the multi-touch features will catch on. I find it tricky and unnecessary for things like ‘swiping’ to be honest – but overall the size of the device, the design and the new surface is a huge plus for me. I am enjoying it very much but I am very scared about dropping it – being made of glass and all…


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