Life, Football, Technology and Vespas…

Homeward Bound

Bags Packed…check.

Purchase of just enough food so cats don’t starve…check.

Avoidance of ANY nigerian food 48 hours before take off – this a precaution purely for the benefit of all other passengers and flight crew…check.

‘Happy Christmas’ donations made to half the population of Nigeria…check.

Confirmation that when on the plane, my bum will be seated – sorry, lying down – on the other side of the curtain…check.

Life assurance policy paid up just incase said plane decides on an unscheduled, rapid descent into the African Jungle…check.

Hijack of Andre’s Pajero to take me to the airport so that there are no more ‘Happy Christmas’ donations to the fine establishment that is the Lagos police service…check.

Resist temptation to pack grasscutters for Christmas gifts to friends and family…check

Update out-of-office message to something that basically says ‘Ciao Bitches’ in friendly office speak…check

Bottle of 18yr Glenfiddich packed, ready for consumption upon arrival in SA…check

South Africa – (finally) here I come!


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