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Thank You.

Two years ago our worlds were tipped upside down as a result of the horrific accident that Caelum suffered. This 38 minute video gives a brief insight as to how Caelum was before, during and since the accident. The past two years have been a non stop roller coaster of emotions for all of us, taking us to the very brink of psychological collapse. It has been a long and fraught healing process, littered with difficult challenges and hard questions, but we stand here today ready to turn the page on this chapter in our lives and embark on the next stage of our little family’s journey.

We have witnessed in Caelum’s recovery, as described by over a dozen neurological, psychological and pediatric specialists – a miracle. Caelum’s healing process for all of us, has been long and arduous. Many times, we have had to force ourselves to be encouraged by the simplest of improvements, instead of dropping our heads in despair.

In June we will be expecting a new addition to our family and she will require the same amount of love, dedication and care that we were able to afford Caelum. We are blessed in the knowledge that Caelum will go on to lead a full life with, possibly, the minimal of interruptions to his lifestyle. Caelum too is excited to become a big brother, and it is with thanks to the following people that he is going to be given the chance of being the best big brother he can possibly be :

To our neighbours who reacted so swiftly at the time of the accident. The impact of your quick response quite possibly saved our son’s life. This week one of the neurologist indicated that the MRI scan was taken within an hour of the accident. Your assistance to us in this critical time enabled our son to have the best possible chance. We cannot thank you enough for your instant and decisive support.

To the entire GP practice of Dr Hennnig & Dr Fick and the Netcare response team who all helped to stabilize Caelum in the immediate aftermath of the accident. Your expertise and care was invaluable. I recall the chaos that descended upon your surgery and through it all, your calm and professional care ensured that our son was given the best possible medical attention within minutes. I am led to understand that it was the swiftness in which Caelum was able to receive world class medical care, so quickly after his accident, that was crucial in not only his recovery, but also his survival. To you all, we are forever in your debt.

To all of the fantastic staff at UNITAS hospital, Centurion. Your world class facilities and expertise enabled our son to have the best chance of recovery possible. It is without a doubt in my mind that my son could not have have received better care and attention, anywhere else in the world. To Dr Bingle, the neurological surgeon who operated on our son’s tiny, fractured skull with all the skill and dexterity of a swiss watchmaker: You, and all the staff that supported you – fixed our little boy. It is in no small part that due to the talent of yourself and all those who assisted you, that our son has made such a fantastic recovery.

To our families – our Mother’s, Father’s, Brothers & Sisters. Caelum’s accident was one of the many difficulties that we have all had to pull through over recent years. We are blessed to be part of not one, but two loving and caring families. I can write pages and pages of testimony to the endearment and indubitable love and care you give us every day of our lives. You are always there when we have needed you, often at great self sacrifice. You have always had strength that we could draw from whenever we felt that we have had none. You have given us guidance, support and inspiration throughout our whole lives, shaping us to be the people we are today. It will be of great benefit to our children that we aim to guide and shape their lives, in much the same manner that you have done for us. Your love for our son is beautiful. We know that there is nothing that you would not do for him. There are no words that can express the gratitude to someone who loves and cares for our son just as much as we do. You are in our prayers every day.

To the Visagie family – Your love and support prior to Caelum’s accident was already very dear to us. We often made the remark that Caelum had been blessed with three sets of loving grandparents. Your support towards our family during the darkest time of my life is something that I will cherish all of my days. Words cannot describe how much it meant to me to have such wonderful people in my life. You picked us up when we could not stand and you carried us when we could not walk. When it was dark, you shone a light. It is said that you can pick your friends but not your family. We are in the wonderful position where to us, you are both.

To all of our friends and family – The overwhelming support you gave to us in our time of need is one of the major reasons that we were able to pull through this challenging time in our lives. You never allowed our heads to drop. You found encouragement and provided us strength when we desperately needed it. We were amazed at your responses and dedication – and it humbles us to be your friend. Our promise to you all is that we will always try to be as good a friend to you, as you always are to us.

To my wife. You are my inspiration. The endearing love and dedication that you give to our family never wavers. It is without a shadow of a doubt that your commitment to providing Caelum with everything that he needs or requires to assist him with his recovery, no matter how inconsequential it may seem, is the reason that he is again the free spirited child he was prior to his accident. No mother should ever have to endure what you had to, but your strength and determined will to do the best for our child ensured that Caelum has always, and will continue to have the best. Your heart is always pure and you bless all those around you with your great nature and wonderful character. Our children could not have been given a more caring and loving mother and I could not have been given a greater friend. You make it easy for me to love you and I promise that as a long as there is breath in my body, I always will.

To our loving God. You placed your hand on the shoulder of our family in our greatest time of need. You gave us our strength and inspiration to believe that everything is part of your plan and that you make all possible. The glory of our son’s recovery is yours and yours alone. You answered our prayers and sent your angels to sit by our son’s bedside. We put our trust in you every day and thank you for the wonderful lives you have given us.


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