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14kgs lost so far

In a little over 6 months I have gone from 94/95kg down to 81kg. I am not sure how low I can still go – my initial aim was 85kg and then just see what state I was in. Now that that barrier has come and gone, the aim now is just to continue doing what I am doing and let my body find some happy equilibrium.

Because I have been out here in Lagos working, friends and family have immediately noticed the difference. I can see it in my face and feel it in my clothes – it actually has caused me some issues because the clothes I have here no longer fit!

Some of the questions I have had from people is how did I do it. Almost everyone I know seemingly wants to lose weight. So what I am going to do is write a series of articles here, detailing what I have done so far and how it has worked for me. I am so lazy that I am convinced that my completely unresearched, untested, non-proven method would work for absolutely anyone.

Even if only one person finds this information useful, then I will truly be ecstatic.


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