Life, Football, Technology and Vespas…

New Addition

Karleigh Ryan. Welcome to this wild and wonderful world. Life, as you will experience, is a great journey. One moment it can knock you down, the very next it can melt your heart. You enter the world in exciting times, where you are limited by only your imagination and determination.

My hand will always be here for you. To hold, whenever you need it. It is a protective hand that will offer nothing but love. It is there to help pick you up should you fall – or simply offer an embrace to keep your hand warm.

Never will it be a hand to clasp and drag you along on your journey. You must carve your own path and make your own decisions.

My job, as a father, is to teach you how to become part of this world and offer my experience on how to enjoy it. Your job is to make this world an even better place. Already, you are succeeding – its a more beautiful to live in now, than what it was eight weeks ago.

Wherever your journey leads you and whatever it is you chose to do – always know that you are, and always will be, greatly loved.



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