Life, Football, Technology and Vespas…

Fanus & Candice

Congratulations to the pair of them – and what a fantastic wedding! Crazy weekend. Flying back to South Africa from Lagos for just the weekend – no sleep the night before that on the plane; 3hrs sleep the night before the wedding; 11km run at 5am the day of the wedding and then the monumental stress of trying to take the wedding video!

It was a great day though and by the time I crawled my ass to bed at three – much enjoyment was had. It was great to see everyone enjoying themselves, even the kids were up on the dancefloor pulling some serious shapes.

The video still needs to be edited – that will take some time I fear. Would have much rather taken the photos. I did manage to snap a few shots though that turned out not too shabby. Who knows maybe, I can do wedding photography in the future – kick back all week and do a few hours at the weekend for an extortionate rate… 😉


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