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2011 – Year of the Marathon

First post of the year. After a cracking holiday by the sea with the family it is time to knuckle down and start training intensely for the Comrades Ultra Marathon at the end of May. Before I can run Comrades however, I need to run a qualifying marathon. Hopefully, this will be the Pretoria Marathon in February.

Ok – 2010 for me was a year that I can look back at and say it was a good year. Some of the key highlights were – The birth of our second child, Karleigh; Our trip to the UK in Easter; The World Cup in South Africa and the opportunity of meeting lots of great people in Lagos, Nigeria. In 2010, we have become very settled in Lagos and are enjoying it very much. Another positive is that at the start of 2010 I was 13kg heavier than what I was by the end of it!

Some people’s eyebrows might be raised a little by that statement that we are settled and enjoying Lagos – but it really is true. If you do not get hung up on small inconveniences, then Lagos can be a wonderful and welcoming place to live. My family and I have made great friends and found amazing places in Lagos. If you go there with the right attitude, you can really find yourself quite attached to 9ja! For example, as I am typing this, my kayak has arrived in Lagos and she shall be ready for her maiden voyage this next coming week.

I have been thinking a lot about the things I want to do or achieve in 2011. One of them obviously is to run comrades. That plan has already been put in motion. But others things that come to mind are :

  • Start or own my own business;
  • Start taking aerial photography;
  • Do some snorkeling;
  • Hiking in the Drakensberg;
  • Run a trail run;
  • Drink more wine;
  • Learn French.

A lot to fit in 365 days! All in all, we are positive about what 2011 has in store for us. Being in Lagos has been a great education in the art of being able to change and adapt at short notice. So our outlook for 2011 is exactly this:

Take every day as it comes. Every challenge or opportunity that comes our way, is designed to be there.


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