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As if a huge earthquake and a tsunami is not enough, the Japanese are now having to fight a huge battle in trying to prevent a nuclear disaster.

I understand that this is the 7th largest earthquake registered, with all the previous six centering in unpopulated areas. The videos and images of the destruction caused by the earthquake and then the tsunami that followed after are simply almost unbelievable – the stuff of hollywood.

But, for me, this is what is astounding : The battle that they have on their hands with the nuclear crisis is not just one reactor – but THREE. Add to that the additional issue of the spent fuel in the fourth reactor dangerously overheating and you have a situation of unparalleled enormity.

I am sure that it would be challenging enough to prevent a crisis with just one reactor – with all the dangers and hazards involved. But compounding the issue with two more reactors is just insane.

I read at one stage there were as little as 50 brave staff remaining at the plant to try and salvage the situation. Goodness knows what must have been going through their minds, as well as the minds of their families.

It puts into perspective the jobs we do everyday and how we act and respond to frustrations in the workplace. These guys will most likely be clear in the knowledge that even if they somehow succeed in preventing catastrophic disaster, they may have doing so at the cost of the own lives.

People like that are the real heroes in this world and they are in my thoughts and prayers at this time.


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