Life, Football, Technology and Vespas…

Back in business again

Finally back in this crazy town of Lagos and it just never ceases to amaze me. Go to change some money – only to be told that Scottish pounds have a different exchange rate to British pounds. The funny part was that the back street money changer wanted to educate me about what is in Britain and what is not.

It is great to see everyone again – Starting with a superb night on Friday quaffing champagne at Joshua & Anneke’s house celebrating Joshua’s birthday, as well as welcoming Willem back from his epic cycle journey. Then up and at ’em for the monthly Oshodi ‘Jogging with the Mayor’ (not quite so) half marathon. I only had 3 hours sleep, so it was more of a challenge than it needed to be!

I plodded along with the barefooted nine year old Isaac all the way and it rips my heart to pieces to see the plight of some of these children. I asked him what his favourite subject at school was – to which he joyfully replied English. He told me that he is top of his class for reading. I promised to bring him some shoes next month. I think I will also give him a book – some suggestions would be good. As per usual there is the awards ceremony and thanks to some of the comedians in our running group, I am now known the locals as the ‘Special Olympian’. Somehow think that that tag is going to stick…

It was our church’s first anniversary the past Sunday and we had an excellent service with over 118 people there. Another reason I am happy to be back in Lagos.

The family only arrives later in the week so it is bachelor living for the next few days – scrounging meals from friends and stretching a packet of pasta and pesto to 3 days!

On the work front, I am happy and excited to get torn into some interesting projects. There are real opportunities here in Nigeria in the telecoms industry and hopefully we will start getting a large piece of that pie.

All in all, it is great to be back and will be infinitely better when the family arrive.


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