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Simply Amazing

Over the last seven years, my father-in-law’s recovery from the stroke he suffered has been long and hard. The effects, temporary and permanent, have been difficult for all his friends and family to witness, especially my mother-in-law. December 2010 was a very difficult period, and could easily be described as one the lowest points. His heart was suffering and his kidneys had completely failed. It was bleak. The doctors did not want to operate on the heart due to the weakness of the kidneys, fearing that the operation would be too much.

We returned to Lagos shortly afterwards in January and in all honesty, we feared that the next news we would receive would not be good. What transcended from January onwards has just blown me out of the water.

We were told that my father-in-law would have to immediately start dialysis due to the failure of his kidneys. This was something that at the time, he was not enthusiastic or optimistic about at all. It meant a complete change in lifestyle due to the three, four hour dialysis sessions per week. Four hours of your waking day is a lot of time to be spending in a hospital, so we all tried to put a positive spin on the treatment.

However, once the treatment started the benefits have been amazing. He initially lost over 18kg and according to the last set of tests, his kidney functionality has risen from 2% to 37%. He started to become very active again – He has transformed our garden by chopping down trees and planting fruit and vegetables. He has also been doing renovation work around the house, replacing all the guttering and if I don’t watch out, my house will soon be completely transformed!!

The doctors suggested that he was well enough to have a pace maker fitted. The six hour operation to fit the pace maker was done a little over three weeks ago and the additional effects have been nothing but miraculous. Just last week my father-in-law walked to the local shopping centre and back several times during the week which is approximately 3.5km for a round trip. Having seen him in December, I do not think that anyone would have thought this to be possible.

One of the most amazing things throughout this whole ordeal has been the faith shown by both my mother and father-in-law. At times, they could have easily have been forgiven for being angry or bitter, but yet they remained strong and have been a constant source of inspiration. With quiet optimism, we now look forward to my father-in-law turning that corner and living out a full and healthy life!


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