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Games Night – London

 Adrien & Rick pitched this evening for the first games night for me since coming back to Lagos. As there was just the three of us, I thought it would be a good chance to teach them London.

It is not a simple game to explain to people, so I think what I must do is create a video explaining the game play and post up here.

I thought that I would kick ass, but this is only the third time I have played it and could never have predicted that Adrien would have in his building display three very powerful cards that completely changed the game. He sat with the public house, the street lights and the omnibus in his building display and he just kept running his city. The Public house ensured that he could have as many cards in his hand as he wished without having any poverty penalties and the Omnibus was paying for the running of his street lights, reducing his poverty by a net amount of 3 every turn.

He ended up with 60 victory points. Not sure if that is a great score, but it was enough for him to surpass Rick, who was on 53. I was seriously punished for may inability to reduce my poverty at the final stages. The difference between Adrien and I was that I had to pay in 52 points!!!

It will be interesting to see how they both play it again in future. Next week – Powergrid!!


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