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Lagos Tips – Luggage

It is now the second time that we have packed our stuff to moved to Lagos and it is fair to say that are smarter now than what we were before. So when it comes to packing stuff you need, let me put down some useful tips.

The first thing we did when we learned we were coming to Lagos was bought a whole bunch of extra luggage. Now that we know better – what we did this time was the following :

 These boxes are solid plastic tool boxes. They have wheels and a handle so they can be dragged. They have holes in the lids and the main boxe so that you can lock them with a long shank padlock and if you do what I did, by putting a luggage strap around the box – then there is little chance of someone breaking into them.

Cost of Samsonite hard case luggage set – ±$700. Cost of boxes – $25 each. The added bonus is that airlines will check them in as fragile and not send them down the conveyer belt when you check in.

The first time we loaded one of these up, we managed to fit 45kg in it! South African Airways allows the maximum weight for a single luggage piece to be 32kg – which is plenty.

There is plenty room inside them to put in some polystyrene and turn it into a makeshift cooler, if you are shipping things that need to be kept cold. I won’t say what we packed because it is not typically allowed!

The other handy little tip that was actually my darling wife’s idea is to use the vacuum bags for clothes. I packed ALL my clothes into the bag, attached the vacuum to it and it sucked out all the air. The result was considerable :

 Bags can be bought in a box that contains many different sizes. You obviously do not save on weight, but you can see from the image, that you save considerably on volume. It also helps that if you have something in your case that could spill or stain, your clothes are protected.

The boxes are also helpful when you are in Lagos. Keeping things like extra food, cleaning products and kids’ toys packed neatly away.


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