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Timelapse – Beans

A friend of mine here in Lagos mentioned that she was growing beans and that they had already sprouted only after 15 hours. This gave me an idea of something to do with my son. I am quite keen on doing some more time lapse photography and this seemed like a perfect opportunity to play about with the camera and do something interesting with Caelum.

Time lapse photography is the process of taking lots of pictures of something over a period of time and then joining them all together to make a video – for example, setting the camera up to take a picture every 10 seconds of a landscape. For every 25 pictures you take, you get 1 second of video. It gives the effect of speeding up time. In this example 4 minutes would be compressed into one second. My idea is to create a video of a bean growing.

I have a Canon G12 and out of the box it does not support time lapse photography. Bummer. So after scratching around, I find out that there are 2 alternatives – buy a remote or use CHDK (Canon Hack Development Kit). The first option sounds like the easiest, but rather save your money and buy the external power pack.

CHDK is easy to install on an SD card. It does not harm your camera in anyway and gives you SO many more features that are not available on the camera – time lapse being one of them. I downloaded the CHDK zip file for the G12, unzipped it and used the java SDMinst app to install the CHDK on my SD card – it was as easy as pie.

I now have timelapse capabilities!  So far, I have noticed a few extra useful features – Focus in video mode while recording and optical zoom when video recording. My great camera just got better. Videos to come soon


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