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Lagos Tip – Keeping things frozen when away

A lamp can be a very handy tool when it comes to ensuring that your frozen goods remain frozen, for whole duration of your absence from Lagos. When I leave for any reasonable length of time, I ask someone to check in on the apartment to ensure that it has not burnt down, flooded, become infested or a new species has not moved in.

However, it can be a pain for someone to always have to come in and check stuff. Another consideration is that the power might be on in the house, but the circuitry powering the freezer may have tripped. So a good tip is to plug in a lamp to the same circuit as the freezer/fridge. That way someone can just go past the house and check if that light is on. If the light is off then an investigation is needed.

If you have stocked your freezer up with a shed load of imported meat – this can be very helpful to ensure that you do not have to throw it all out when you get back and find it swimming around in the freezer…


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