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Broken Keyboard

So my wife calls me today and tells me that our steward/domestic has broken the down button on my macbook pro. Erm…OK…How?

He was vacuuming the computer desk

Wait. What? How is that even possible? I swear you cannot make this up. The explanation for this one will be well worth writing down – I can’t wait to hear it tonight…

I give out instructions under the pretence that the prerequisite of common sense is already present. I make the mistake time and time again of not giving out exact, step by step, detailed instructions around here. A classic example was the recipe I gave our steward to make one evening. I found the recipe on a sort of  ‘5 recipes for the week’ website – printed it off, handed it to him. Later that evening I was eating dinner and I realised that this was not at all what was on the recipe I printed. So I enquired and this is what I got back in response :

After digging out of his pocket and unfolding the piece of paper, my steward shows me the page I printed had been the recipe for Wednesday of this series. The day I gave it to him was Tuesday…

WAWA – West Africa Wins Again.


One response

  1. Wh

    Dude! I am almost too scared to ask if you are serious…I can only shake my head in despair on your behalf

    December 5, 2011 at 9:09 pm

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