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Glen Clova

So while the kids and I were back in Scotland last weekend, we planned to hike up to Loch Brandy from the Glen Clova Hotel. My son called it his Bear Grylls’ adventure – looking for haggis! The weather was forecasting ‘wintery showers’, so we hired some kit from these guys. After no sleep whatsoever for on Thursday and Friday night, we headed to Clova (40mins drive from Montrose – 25mins if anyone other than my dad is driving :P).

My son had been on my case about seeing snow in Scotland. I had been constantly telling him that he probably won’t see any snow. But he was adamant that there will be snow – “Of course there will be snow, Pappa”. As we were getting our kit on in the car park – the blizzard started! Unbelievable.

Other than fuel, it costs nothing to go hiking in Scotland and if you are dry and warm, then the weather does not matter. Throw in a tenner for something to eat at the awesome Clova Hotel and you will have yourself a great day. Here are some of my Mum and Sister’s pics :


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