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King Kenny Indeed

King Kenny Indeed

Only the most deluded of Liverpool fans would agree with Kenny Daglish’s assessment that Liverpool have progressed since he took over 14 months ago. Roy Hodgson was given the boot for failing to provide results with the meagre resources that he was given to strengthen the team. It had nothing to do with improving commercial deals off the pitch.

After such an outlay over the last 14 months, Kenny Daglish’s primary brief surely must have been to get as close to the top four places as possible, not increase commercial sponsorship deals off the pitch. Surely Liverpool are equipped with commercial people, better suited to those types of roles, so that they can leave the manager to work with the team on the pitch.

He can be considered correct in the sense that overall, the club have strengthened their financial position with improved sponsorship deals, but then the argument has to be that Kenny Daglish could have contributed more simply by doing his primary task and that is to win games. He was entrusted to spend over £100m over the last fourteen months and on the evidence of this season, it does not look like he provided much return on investment.

A top four spot would have significantly increased Liverpool’s revenue streams, as well as putting the club in a more commanding position when renewing new sponsorship deals. Kenny Daglish’s side do not look like they are a team that will seriously challenge for a top four spot anytime soon. The fact remains that there are only four teams in the league that have scored less goals than Liverpool, and considering where most of the £100m was spent, this has to be classed as a huge failure. A collection of only 10 wins in 27 games is not an improvement on the previous manager – if this is indeed what he is comparing his self proclaimed improvement against.


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