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Things Caelum Says

Father Christmas

Hey Caelum, what is Father Christmas bringing me this year?

I asked him this last night to which he responded –

Erm… I don’t know. You will need to write him a letter…

Can’t really argue with that, can you?


The Tooth Fairy

Ok, so Caelum’s first tooth came out yesterday and of course the tooth fairy duly placed some money under the pillow that evening. This afternoon after school he tells me that the fairy left him money under his pillow –

So I ask him what he is going to spend his money on and he replies with this gem :

Erm, I think I will use the money to buy a new tooth.


The Tooth Fairy

Today Anelda was explaining to Caelum that when his baby teeth eventually fall out, he must put them under his pillow for the tooth fairy to bring something for him. She asked him to guess what it was that the tooth fairy will bring. His response tells you a lot about his thought processes and his personality :

Mamma, I think that the fairy should bring a tooth brush.


“Caelum, it is time for bed…”

“I don’t want to go to bed now”

“Look at the clock – it is 8 o’clock”

“Pappa – I want to throw that clock in the ocean!”

On Religious Chanting Ear Protection

Caelum, on the flight back to Nigeria recently tells us that he needs to keep the headphones. We inform him that he already has a set and that these ones need to be given back. He says he needs to keep these ones because :

“When Mr Idris’ phone is ringing, I can use the earphones so I cannot hear it”

Idris our driver is a muslim and has a call to prayer ring tone!

Caelum on balding

While Anelda was putting gel in Caelum’s hair for a wedding recently –

“Mamma, I want two of those – just like Pappa”

He was pointing to the areas on his head representing my receding hairline!

Caelum on insults…

Me to my daughter as my wife handed her to me :
“Come here little fat bananas!”

Caelum :
“No, not fat bananas or fatty tatty, only princess!”